Snapchat was up to its usual ephemeral tricks last year when it released pop-up vending machines throughout the United States that held its coveted Snap Spectacles. If you weren’t among the select few to snag a pair, Snap Inc. is here for you – they’ve just launched a web store that is selling three different colors of the Spectacles, just in time for their IPO.

The Spectacles work by having two cameras installed that will take 10-second video at the push of a button. Unlike Google’s failed Google Glass initiative, these glasses will light up when you’re recording so you can’t surreptitiously record strangers. They then send the video wirelessly to your Snapchat account for quick sharing. Battery life is allegedly a full day of snapping.

Snap’s Spectacles come in three colors: black, red and teal. Retail cost is $130 and includes a case and charging cable (charging happens within the case). Are you going to be grabbing these?