Things hasn't been too great for Snapchat over the past few months. The most recent f-up from the company happened a few days a go after they made light of Rihanna domestic abuse incident with Chris Brown in a silly game of "Would You Rather." The company has since apologized but that clearly didn't cut it for Rihanna who shortly after put the company on blast on Instagram. In an attempt to clean up their mess, they've reportedly hired a domestic violence expert.

TMZ reports that Snapchat has tapped a domestic violence expert to educate the staff. A source from National Network to End Domestic Violence says Snapchat reached out to them after Rihanna called them out. They're role will be to help the staff have a better understanding on what's appropriate to post and domestic abuse in general, so they don't end up f*cking up again.

Bringing a member of the NNEDV is clearly a good move for the company especially after Rihanna called them out publicly on her Instagram story. Rihanna's voice is prominent across the globe so telling her fans to "throw the whole app-oligy away" costed Snapchat. A report surfaced that the company's stock dropped significantly after Rihanna's statement. The company's shares dropped to 4.7% to $17.02 yesterday making it an intraday low of $16.91.