There are probably a handful of people out there whose profile photos are them rocking a Snapchat filter. Whether it be the puppy face, flower crown or just the smooth complexion filter that makes your eyes pop and cheekbones slay. Due to the amount of love the filters have been getting, it has sparked some users to bring in filtered selfies to surgeons to try and get the look forever - seriously. 

According to an article published on BBC, Snapchat dysmorphia is a growing trend that is seeing a rise in young people wanting to look like their Snapchat selfies in real life. “I couldn’t help noticing the way the Snapchat filter changed my face,” 26-year-old Crystal told the publication. “It enhanced my chin, contoured my cheekbones, and straightened out my nose, which was something I had always been self-conscious about.”

Crystal's procedure resulted in her having fillers injected into her nose and under her eyes. “People don’t realise that I’ve had anything done; they just think I lost weight or something.” 

As for the doctor who did Crystal's work, he said it's always better to have a photo of the patient to work off. “I prefer working off a real photo of someone, because they have a sense of what they might look like with fillers or Botox,” Dr David Mabrie said. “They don’t have an unrealistic expectation that they’re going magically to transform into Kylie Jenner.”

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