So far, it has a bountiful week for millennial communication. First Apple drops a whole bunch of new emojis, and now Snapchat has introduced a much-needed new feature: group chatting.

The group chat feature supports conversation with up to 16 friends. Users can add anything from simple text to stickers, bitmojis and videos, and can access their saved groups while making regular snaps. Like the existing chat feature, everything posted in a chat will disappear after 24 hours. Groups can be named as well, as Snapchat positions itself as a do-it-all messaging app to replace your texting/Facebook Messaging/Whatsapp.

In addition to the groups update, Snapchat has introduced a few features for iOS users only (at least for now). Apple Snapchat users can now use a scissors icon to cut parts of their image and save it as their stickers, making it easy to re-use a Snap that’s too good to send only once. A paintbrush feature lets users add their rudimentary art to snaps that have been saved to Memories. Lastly, Snapchat has partnered with Shazam to identify music. That feature is accessible from the camera screen, and scanned songs will appear in settings.

It’s a lot to take in, so check out a few example .gifs of the new features below.