Smokepurpp may have found true love during quarantine on Instagram live, after a woman claiming to be his new "girlfriend" debuted a neck tattoo that matches his signature "Deadstar" ink. The coronavirus pandemic keeping everyone stuck inside has some folks going a little stir crazy, leading them to do things they probably wouldn't normally do. Since nobody can link up IRL anymore, Instagram live has become the new kick-back spot, and it looks like Smokepurpp may have met the love of his life (or so she says) during a recent live session. The rapper invited a woman whose name appears to be Jessie to join his IG live recently, and the interaction led to some pretty wild developments.

Smokepurpp girlfriend deadstar neck tattoo copy matching Instagram live meet love JesseDimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for ELLE

Although it appears Smokepurpp and this woman had already met before based on how he greeted her, according to Akademiks, this was their first official introduction to each other. She asks Purpp "why do you hate me?" before they say "hi" to each other, and the clip ends with Purpp suggesting they try to "go viral." It's unclear if he offered any specific ideas about how they could successfully do that, but she seems to have come up with a "genius" strategy: get his same "Deadstar" tattoo on her neck.

This woman is reportedly claiming to be Purpp's girlfriend now, and considering she's got his signature tat inked on her for life now, we hope it works out for them.