Mother's Day was last weekend, and the rap game made the most of it by giving loving shout outs to their moms on social media, and blessing them with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. It's the least you can do for your loving mother, right?

Well, Smokepurpp also gave out a Mother's Day shout out on social media, but instead of thanking his real mom, he decided to thank himself. In a video posted to Smokepurpp's Instagram story, the Florida rapper is pictured with a beautiful bouquet of roses, a mother's day card, and a pint of lean. 

Purpp takes a big whiff of the roses and says, "Happy Mother's Day to me man, Big Purpp. You know what's going on. I birthed this generation."

Purpp then takes another smell of the flowers and makes a bold claim, "I created the Soundcloud big bang you already know what's going on. So, happy Mother's day to... Lil Purpp." 

For the record, his mother is featured in the very next Instagram story, so it doesn't seem like he actually bought all those flowers and that card for himself. 

We've had instances of rappers claiming they've invented genres of music before, like when Gucci Mane claimed that he was the original inventor of Trap Music, for instance. However, it's unlikely that people will be taking Smokepurpp's claims quite as seriously as they took Gucci's. 

Regardless, you can check out the video of Smokepurpp wishing himself a happy Mother's day down below.