Like saying "Bloody Mary" in front of a mirror three times, repeat "fuck Russ" in the same fashion for similar results. Such was a lesson learned by none other than Smokepurpp, who found himself on the receiving end of the elusive yet deadly "Russ fade." You may recall a time in which Russ was public enemy number one, at least to a certain demographic. After being on the receiving end of unyielding cyberbullying, Russ took matters into his own hand, assembling the goon-squad and filling their pillowcases with doorknobs.

Yuchen Liao/Getty Images

They managed to catch up with Purpp overseas, where they attempted to instill a harsh lesson into the young rapper. Repeatedly, and violently at that. Following reports of the attack, Purpp quickly mobilized to shift the narrative, casting Russ as an observer to the beating and nothing more. In fact, he maintains this very stance to this day. After a follower slid into his mentions with a malicious "never-forget," Purpp vowed violent retribution in response.

"Naw I got jumped by security and I’ll slap the shit outta u fuck boy u a bitch," writes Purpp, specifying that Russ hands were never part of the equation. Still, people will believe whatever they so choose, and it's unlikely that Russ will be clearing this particular air anytime soon. In fact, some might argue that the Smokepurpp beating helped shift the public perception of Russ into a more favorable position. Where do you stand on this infamous moment in history?