DJ Akademiks asked his Instagram followers to decide for themselves whether they felt Iggy Azalea is "Top 5 Baddest in the Game," and the result was a veritable love fest, with one commenter stealing the show. Smokepurrp came in chomping at the bit, stating "id respect tf outta her," in a less than respectful manner. Akademiks for his part essentially declared Iggy's rap career as good as over, while turning to her sex positive image as a reason to keep following her "career." The original thread idea posed by Akademiks did incite the delinquents to come out of hiding, the bait too difficult to ignore.

Smokepurpp's thirsty comments soon picked up traction with users praying for Purpp to shoot his shot with the naturalized American, best known for her music video recreating scenes out of Clueless.  One user named chainsnatchersanonymous even tried to solicit Purpp's attention while the thread was popping off, and users were ranking her "badness" out of ten. If there's a corner market unturned, it will fester on a page like Akademiks' Instagram. By all accounts, Pupp is every bit the playful child Iggy Azalea seems to attract. Akademiks on the other hand, seems to have missed the memo on Iggy Azalea taking a layoff to get a handle on her mental health issues. The Internet fires off at an alarming rate.