Smokepurpp has been working hard on new music for months, teasing Deadstar 2 for approximately a full year at this point. Last month, the Florida-based rapper told fans that he would be dropping a new mixtape before the Deadstar sequel, announcing Lost Planet. That was supposed to arrive in March but, like most things Purpp announces, it was delayed indefinitely. It would appear as though his musical hiatus is nearing an end soon though because out of nowhere, Smokepurpp began to tease the arrival of something special on his Instagram, posting a video with tons of snippets and asking "Where Is Purpp?"

Gary Miller/Getty Images

It's possible that Purpp returns imminently because the star just shared what looks a lot like a teaser for new his new mixtape. If you've been wondering where he's been hiding, he's fully aware of the fact that he's gone missing the last few months. That looks like it's about to change though because, with this teaser, Lost Planet feels like it could arrive at any given moment. The rapper updated his caption, writing that in order to unlock the first single from the tape, fans need to spam his comments. With that said, if you've been waiting for some new music from the Florida talent, head over to his page and cross your fingers that he stays true to his word.