In September 2018, Kanye West and Teyana Taylor took to the Pornhub Awards stage, and after their performance, Ye debuted the music video for his Lil Pump collaboration "I Love It" featuring comedian Adele Givens. While the song was criticized, it still managed to top the charts and snag No. 1 spots around the world. Kanye, DJ Clark Kent, and CBMix produced the Platinum-certified track, and while it was a hit for all artists involved, Ye now talks about that time is his life regretfully.

“When that record went straight to No. 1 quick, this is exactly what we want,” he said in an interview with Big Boy back in October. “This fit right in with everything we got that deal with opioids. This fit right in with everything we got that promotes killings so we can have more slaves and mass incarceration. [I made it] because I was sleep. Because I was drowned. Because I was lost.”

Everyone else hasn't had Kanye's religious awakening and is proud of the product they put out. Smokepurpp recently sat down with Adam22 of No Jumper and talked about how he helped pen the hit track. "Basically, it was on Pump's birthday," he began. "Basically, this n*gga called Pump, blah, blah, blah, he wanted to make a song 'bout this and I just wrote a song... It randomly just came out." Adam wanted to know if he got credited as a writer on the track. Smokepurpp replied, "Yeah man, I get money." 

"You're caked up off it is what you're saying?" Adam asked. "Yeah," Smokepurrp said without giving any details as to how much paper he actually stacked from that one. Watch their clip below as they talk about the rapper album and "fake beef" with Pump.