In truth, it can feel like Smokepurpp and Lil Pump aren't the most sympathetic figures, given their propensity for yelling "Eskettit" and the latter's tendency to pee on money at any given opportunity. Yet like many of us, they're not impervious to dark thoughts and depression. Recently, Smokepurpp took to Instagram to vent about his current situation, in a swiftly deleted post. Like Lil Xan before him, it would appear that Purpp has taken issue with the behind-the-scenes industry bulls*it, citing the industry's disingenuous and greedy nature. 

"Man this music industry is all bullshit," writes Purpp. "Money being stolen, ideas getting stripped, everything is politic so EVERYTHING IS FAKE." He continues, explaining the plight is affecting musicians on an artistic level. "They don't understand as artist this is all that we love. Makes you not even wanna live anymore. My family (fans) is all I got and I try everyday and get up everyday stay solid for u guys, but damn one can only keep this up for so long."

Clearly, things have been weighing heavy on Purpp, and we can only hope he can come through this dark period unscathed. Say what you will about the man, but the industry has harmed many young artists; he is not the first, and he will not be the last. Pray for Purpp.