Smokepurpp Reveals "DEADSTAR" Delay, TM88 Production

Rose Lilah
September 19, 2017 13:50

Smokepurpp's "DEADSTAR" has a new release date.

"I'm 'bout to drop it...umm...September 20...I dunno, I dunno which day. But it's dropping in September, definitely. 'Cause I announced it, and then they're like, you gotta push it back," Smokepurpp says at the outset of our exclusive interview about his forthcoming and anticipated debut mixtape, DEADSTAR, releasing via Alamo Records. The Floridian had originally announced a release date of September 22nd upon dropping off the lead single "Bless Yo Trap" the other week. Although he doesn't actually announce (or seem to be aware) of the new release date, we have since confirmed with the label that the mixtape has been pushed back a week, it'll arrive on September 29th.

As Smokepurpp gets further into discussion of the project, he reveals, "A DEADSTAR is a black hole, and it was kinda how I was feeling at the moment...I made it over a few months, and I finished it a little awhile ago, and I've just been adding and switching songs and stuff."

"It's not all me, I got other producers on there, I got Harry Fraud on there, I got TM88. I got fire producers, I was in the studio with them," Purpp details, while using the adjective "fire" abundantly throughout our interview. "I got some fire features on it...That's the one thing you should look out for." "I have a lot of things planned around the project too, like, Smokepurpp ice cream and a Smokepurpp coloring book." He adds, "I'ma do a 'Bless Yo Tat' event, and I'ma just have people get tattoos."

When asked what "Smokepurpp ice cream" tastes like, Purpp says: "fire."

Smokepurpp also speaks on the inspiration behind the album art for DEADSTAR, citing GG Allin. Purpp, however, isn't exactly familiar with the source of the GG Allin inspiration, and actually says it was a friend who came up with the idea. On Purpp's album cover, he's seen in a coffin, surrounded by a newspaper clipping, photos of himself, alcohol and a lean bottle. This emulates an infamous photo of punk rocker at his funeral. GG Allin, who died in 1993 due to a heroin overdose, was photographed at his funeral in his coffin, with a bottle of Jim Bean and newspaper clippings surround him, his corpse unwashed, wearing his leather jacket and jock strap (a trademark of his).

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