Smokepurpp may have actually gotten himself in a battle that he can win. The Floridian SoundCloud rapper entered into a beef against none other than Tekashi 6ix9ine's baby mother last week after flirting with her online. He ended up getting curved and thus, the strangest rap feud of 2019 began. With Tekashi not available to defend his ex-girlfriend, Sara Molina has been forced to stand up for herself and she's doing so by spitting some bars against Purpp. Her decision to get in the booth was prompted by Purpp's diss track "Duck," which took aim at both the rainbow-haired rapper and his baby mama. Molina previewed her upcoming musical effort and the Deadstar artist decided to have some fun with it, listening to it for the first time with his fans.

After hitting on her last week, Smokepurpp changed his tune with Sara Molina by saying she looks like a horse. When he decided to peep her upcoming single, Purpp felt like messing around with his supporters and he actually might have gotten the upper-hand. Following up on his "horse" comments, Purpp's first listen of the diss track against him is composed of the majestic animals neighing on record, pretending as though Molina's bars were farm sounds. Good move, Purpp.

How do you think 6ix9ine's baby mama will retaliate? We all know she loves herself some drama.