Smokepurpp is riding for Kanye West like he was his own flesh and blood. Concert footage of Purpp defending his honor has surfaced on Social Media. The incident was sparked by an audience member screaming "Fuck Kanye," at which point Purpp put his bows up and was contained by the venue's security team. It didn't take long for Purpp to lose his temper when his inquisition didn't produce the desired effect. He asked the crowd "Who Said Fuck Kanye?," but the audience were too frazzled to respond. People in attendance have confirmed that Purpp did not resort to spinning his t-shirt like a helicopter, his performance continuing as planned.

Smokepurpp affinity for Kanye West came to light when he penned a freestyle over "Lift Yourself." Kanye even set aside a minute to praise Purrp creative angle on the verse. Purpp essentially supplanted Kanye's nonsensical language with his own, peppering the instrumental with utterances of "Esskeetit," the term popularized by himself and fellow rapper Lil Pump.

Smokepurpp's devotion to Kanye comes at a time of need. Many of Kanye's most ardent supporters have either gone silent or turned their backs for fear they themselves will be persecuted for holding a less-than popular opinion. Ante-up Kanye, Purpp has got your back.