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Smokepurpp Is Off Xanax In 2018, Travis Scott Is Happy About It

  Jan 01, 2018 16:11
Just like Lil Pump, Smokepurpp says that he's leaving his Xanax habit in 2018.

We wondered if the Xanax trend would die in 2018, and after Lil Pump confirmed he'd be leaving the drug behind in 2017, we're also discovering that Smokepurpp is of the same mindset.

Lil Pump rang in the new year by flexing all his glittery chains and watches on Instagram, and with that, he revealed that he actually doesn't take Xanax anymore, and that that would continue in 2018: "btw I don’t take xanz no more fuck Xanax 2018." Smokepurpp made a similar announcement on his twitter, before dropping off his new single "Big Bucks" which again showcases his mindset for the new year. 

Purpp isn't alone either in his rejection of the drug, as his tweet refers to plural -- "we leaving Xanax in 2017," he wrote. The more, the merrier.

Travis Scott caught wind of Purpp's tweet, and co-signed it by way of screenshotting it and tweeting it out. "This tweet made me happy !!!," he wrote, complete with three exclamation marks. For those unfamiliar with the two's connection, Travis Scott signed Smokepurpp to his imprint Catcus Jack Records back in September and the two have also collaborated on "Fingers Blue."

Exciting news indeed, who do you think will be the next rapper to publicly announce they're off Xanax? We'll definitely be keeping an eye out and update you on any more Xanax deserters. 

Peep the two tweets from the labelhead and his signee below.

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top comment

All Travis needs to worry about is perfecting Astroworld.

- Jan 2, 2018

no lil xan in 2018

Butt Fungus
- Jan 2, 2018

the ol “lie about something I’ll be quitting for New Years” routine. Nice🤩

- Jan 2, 2018

Guess Lil Peep's death actually did some good and opened everyone's eyes

- Jan 2, 2018

kids get hooked, rappers leave it lol

Cole Da Goat
- Jan 2, 2018

the third biggest L travis took behind getting with a kardashian and then knocking her up was signing his lame ass nigga to his label

You getting roasted on the 2017 Troll of the Year article with ya bish ass.

Black On Both Sides
- Jan 2, 2018

Don't care for any of the rappers here besides Travis Scott but it's still good that they're not trying to be as stupid as the last few years in rap, promoting the shit.

J.R. Smith
- Jan 1, 2018

Yet Travis stay talking bout popping pills

Designer Drugs
- Jan 1, 2018

Dont do drugs kids, Jus give them to me

- Jan 1, 2018

Trash ass article about trash ass rappers. Smh

C-Note Dollar
- Jan 1, 2018

who cares?

SpongeBob Narrator
- Jan 1, 2018

That’s good, these kids don’t need to be junkies before their twenties. Or at all for that matter.

Playboi Shawty
- Jan 1, 2018

can we have astroworld now?

- Jan 1, 2018

Even without Xanax this nigga still stupid.

Views from the Sex
- Jan 1, 2018

Travis Scott needs to leave music in 2017. Hasn't been anywhere near good since Antidote became a hit and made him complacent

Philly 0G
- Jan 1, 2018


You just going to pretend like Butterfly Effect wasnt one of the biggest songs last year or what?

- Jan 2, 2018

Antidote shouldnt been a hit tru

- Jan 1, 2018

Leaving his Xanax habit in 2018? Who writes this shit

deeez nuuuts!
- Jan 1, 2018

it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet they need to STFU

Spirit Sword
- Jan 1, 2018

Can we leave mumbling behind in 2017 too

Bob's ya uncle
- Jan 1, 2018

SMH Addicts for no reason

Yooo Travis how about we leave kardashian/jenner clan alone in 2018 as well

- Jan 1, 2018

But we still sippin liquid heroin

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