Smokepurpp knows that his lyrics aren't up to par with the J. Cole's, Kendrick Lamar's, and Jay-Z's of the world. However, he doesn't believe that should be considered when determining who the best artist in the world is. Purpp has said it many times and in a recent video, he reiterated that he thinks he's the best thing in music right now. 

He said something similar last week but Purpp decided that he needs to repeat it on a regular basis to get the fact through people's heads. "Technically, you don't have to be the best lyrical rapper to be the best artist out," said the Florida rapper. "Cause I'm not lyrical and I'm the best artist out." He then invited anybody to challenge him to a battle rap, saying that he would just turn down all the requests anyway. Purpp knows the extent of his talent and he doesn't pretend to be something he's not. 

The artist is currently working on Deadstar 2, the follow-up to his ultra-successful mixtape. While his upcoming work doesn't have a release date yet, Purpp fans have been impressed with the artist's output as of late. Tracks like "But I Still Respect Women" have him unleashing quick flows, which is something we want to hear more of on the new work.

What do you think of Smokepurpp claiming he's the best out right now?