Apparently, Smokepurpp has a lot going on. Over the weekend, as millions celebrated Mother's Day by sharing their tender moments with their maternal figures, Smokepurrp and a woman who claims to be romantically tied to him were engaged in a social media argument. The young woman admitted to being on cocaine as she hopped on Instagram Live and screamed about her relationship with the rapper, even sharing a split-screen with him as he denied ever being in a relationship with her.

Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

The woman, however, told a story of her neck tattoo that matches his and how he held her hand when she got it. Meanwhile, Smokepurpp adamantly denies that he was ever in a relationship with the woman and claims she's just a "superfan" who is making things up. "I don't know her, I don't know her," he said. "I just want you guys to [know] coming from me, everything she's saying is cap. I never dated her. I don't know why she keeps saying that we dated. I never dated her, none of that. To be honest, the way she's acting, she's actually acting kinda crazy because to be saying that she loves me and sh*t, and I don't know her, she's basically just a superfan type sh*t."

"If you guys really pay attention to her, her sh*t, like, you kinda know she's kinda crazy," he added. "She's kinda, she's loopy. I don't wanna say that, but she's loopy in the head. So, I just want to tell my followers, f*ck it. Y'all, don't gotta bash her. I think she's actually messed up in the head a little bit. You don't do that to people that are messed up in the head. I think, she was in a crazy house, so, that should explain a lot. You guys don't have to bash her 'cause I'm not even mad at it. Whatever. She's a superfan. She's gonna do what she's gonna do."

He reiterated that he's still confused as to why the woman claims that she's in love with him. "She's probably in love with Smokepurpp because she doesn't know me," he said. "I've never f*cked. I don't know this b*tch like that. She's in love with Smokepurpp." The woman did confirm that she was in a mental health facility for three days and claims he knows exactly why that happened to her, so she doesn't understand why he's bringing it up. Check out the messiness below.