Some people put down payments on houses or cars when they come into money. Some decide to be charitable and help others in need. Maybe you cop that one rare pair of sneakers you’ve wanted since you were a kid. Others, like Smokepurpp and Lil Pump, decide to spend millions on jewelry. We can’t necessarily judge them either. It’s their money and they can easily be held responsible for making their own decisions. Especially when the income is as outstanding as it is for the two 2018 XXL Freshmen, they can spend their money however they wish. Case in point, Lil Purpp just spent $1.5 million on jewelry to add to his collection.

Showing off his new purchases on Instagram, Purpp took a quick trip to his go-to jeweler Avianne & Co. to get iced out. Of course, Purpp left the shop looking like a walking blizzard, revealing he spent more than what most people make in a decade in a single day. Flaunting his wrist with two VVS bracelets and a shiny watch, the camera tilted up to reveal the plethora of chains around Purpp’s neck. It’s a little difficult to deem exactly how many pieces sit against the rapper’s chest but he appears to be wearing over six different necklaces at once. Some, like the 1017 piece, Purpp has been seen with in the past but it’s no surprise that his bill cost well over a million dollars after taking one look at him.

In the caption, Purpp noted that “NEPHEW” will be dropping this month. The release date for Deadstar 2 is currently unknown but the Florida product looks poised to drop DS2 and a collab tape with Lil Pump shortly after.