It wasn't long ago that Smokepurpp took to IG to put Lil Pump on blast, dubbing himself the original author of "Gucci Gang," and the de-facto father of Pump's style. The beef, which found two friends turned rivals, appeared to stem from Purpp's claims that he "invented SoundCloud." In retaliation, Pump called out Purpp, prompting a back and forth that would leave viewers puzzled. Given the nature of their friendship, their trollish ways, and their affinity for stirring the pot via Instagram, all signs seemed to point to a "publicity stunt." And as it turns out, that's exactly what it looks like. 

Now, Purpp has taken to Twitter to clear the air, essentially calling "psych!" on the play. "Manya'll know damn well me and Pump besties," writes Purpp. "Internet so easily fooled." Perhaps he's giving himself too much credit. At the very least, many of our commenters saw through the ruse, with the Top Comment from "Hip-Hop L Delivery Guy" summarizing it rather effectively: 

Troll or not, it's good to see a pair of buds reunited, even if their separation was done under false pretenses. Perhaps we'll get that "Nephew 2" yet. What do you think of today's day and age, in which publicity stunts can be conjured up with the press of a button?