We haven't heard any new music from Smokepurpp since December's "Sauce Like This" but the rapper has a bunch of music he's getting ready to drop off soon. While the sequel to 2017's Deadstar has been "coming soon" for nearly a year at this point, that won't be the project he's gearing up to release. The rapper took to Instagram to announce that he'll be releasing a new project titled, Lost Planet.

Smokepurpp took to Instagram to celebrate his collab with Lil Pump "Nephew" going gold but he also revealed that he has a new project dropping this month. 

"LOST PLANET mixtape is dropping in March, I will drop the date with the cover this week ! followed by deadstar 2 ! SURPRISE !!!! Sorry for the delay songs on the album kept getting leaked so I had to basically remake a lot of songs. I just wanted deadstar to be timeless and give you guys my best work. THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER PLAQUE ! 

While he has solo music on the way, he also has a side project on the way with Lil Pump and Gucci Mane. The three artists are set to make their debut as Gucci Gang at this year's Coachella. Reports revealed that they plan on banking in on the joint effort with plans of other performances beyond Coachella. 

Keep your eyes peeled for Smokepurpp's Lost Planet coming soon.