Smokepurpp is teasing again, this time over a new song titled "123"In a postdated video pinned at the very top of his twitter, Smokepurpp and Murda Beatz stunt over their new record, mouthing the chorus & getting hype with a another buddy sharing their company.

"Okay 1 2 3, I just popped a bean, Okay 4 5 6, yuh, 8 hoes on my dick" 

This hook gives us insight onto song structure. Murda Beatz is obviously making more than friendly visit, he seems to have produced the trap banger, as far as we can tell. Towing a line between cryptic and a playful minefield. Smokepurpp seems intent on revealing his songs piecemeal and weighing input from his 222k massive on his twitter.

Smokepurpp is that Florida dude whose been at the heart of the psychic disunion between generations of rapo . Him and Murda Beatz are unafraid to stoke the fire and are likely not just here for a beer and a laugh.

Keep it locked for next week, we'll be sure to have this covered.