Yesterday, the Coachella lineup was officially released, including a slot for St. Louis' own Smino. Given that the rapper recently dropped off his acclaimed Noir album, it won't be surprising to see his set lined with adoring fans, regardless of when the timeslot may fall. Yet given the sheer volume of fellow artists attached to the festival, it's no wonder Smino has already begun imagining an alternative landscape. Only this one is vastly different. Rather than boasting a variety of different artists spanning all genres, it instead features an assortment of Smino alter-egos. 

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

A cursory glances spells appearances from Sminoshima, Smino Noir, Smeezy F Baby, Smni D Pablo, Smni Myself & I (a boy band) Smino Di Caprio, Sminoly Bible, Smino Grigio, Huey Smni Newton, Smi D Jakes, and more. In fact, the lineup remains the same each day, but do the sets? How different are the various Smino, from a genre perspective? Is Smino indeed paying homage to North Carolina's own Petey Pablo? The questions are as numerous as the Sminos.

Check out the flyer below, and sound off. Would you attend this festival, were it become a reality?