Smino Drops Off Video For "Noir" Banger "KLINK"

Stream Smino's latest music video offering.

Smino gave his fans what he wanted, which was an 18-track tape dubbed Noir that he dropped off in November of last year. Some time has passed since his last video release for "Z4L" in April and now he's here with another one for the third track, "KLINK." The video sees Smino and the homies just dancing, drinking and having a great time. 

“I waited my turn man. I definitely deserve this. I worked my ass off, bro. Like, I can confidently say that, you know what I’m saying? People who are from where I’m from, they know me. In high school, I won ‘Most Likely to Be Famous’ and ‘Best Rapper,’” Smino revealed before the release of his sophomore tape. 

“I was always on that shit with the music, so I’m not trying to say that I’ve always been a great artist, but I was always practicing. I was always trying to make up a song. All my songs weren’t tight. I was making wack-ass music for so long. But the more you work, the more you do something bigger than you imagine.”

Peep the video and let us know what you think. 

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