Kim Kardashian is being celebrated for her new grill, which features opal birthstones. The piece is gorgeous, but one particular rapper wants the world to know that Kim isn't necessarily setting any trends, pointing out that he had an opal grill before her.

With so many people showing love for Kim Kardashian's new mouthpiece, Smino respectfully disagreed that she's got the best grill in the game, commenting on her new pick-up on Twitter. "Cap," he wrote, decorating his message with hearts and responding to someone who claimed the criminal justice reform activist "destroyed" the grill game. 

In her defense, Kim never actually said that she started this trend. All she did was post her new grill. However, people are bashing the socialite now that Smino has jumped in. His fellow St. Louis native, the legendary Nelly, backed him up in the comments after The Shade Room shared his reply. "Stl Yessserr my nephew @smino already been did that... hard for stl to get our credit tho," he said. "We did opal grills around 7 years ago," added Ben Baller in a separate comment. "Again for @thundercatmusic 2 years ago."


People have also pointed out that Erykah Badu has an opal grill.

Who has the best opal grill? Is it Kim Kardashian, Smino, Thundercat, Erykah Badu, or somebody else?