The impact of Hurricane Harvey is still seen in Houston one year later. Although many of the Houston citizens have been putting in the work to rebuild, there's still work to do. During the Hurricane, many celebrities did what they could in order to help with hurricane relief. As the city continues to rebuild following the natural disaster, Slim Thug is doing what he can in order to help a family that was affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Slim Thug and his company Boss Life Construction has teamed up with Radio One Houston and to give away a home to a family that was affected by Hurricane Harvey, KRPC 2 reports. The rapper will be giving away a newly renovated home to one family. Additionally, nine other families will be awarded $1000 to help rebuild their lives following Hurricane Harvey. Earlier today, they began to announce some of the winners. There's reportedly been more than 4000 calls, emails and text messages that were submitted as applications for the giveaway.

"I always say whenever something bad happen to me, don't trip, get excited because I know something good coming after that. So hopefully, whoever dealin' with this situation, whoever lost their home. You know whoever family had to suffer from the hurricane... I hope this turn into a blessing," Thug said during a press conference

He added, "Hopefully we can come together and it inspires other people to come together to keep giving back to the community.