Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd has been accused of domestic abuse against his now ex-girlfriend, Kee. Last night, news erupted on the timeline alleging that Slim Jxmmi knocked out his pregnant girlfriend's front tooth during a heated argument. Someone that was apparently present during the alleged attack corroborated the story. Slim Jxmmi, however, maintains that he's innocent. 

Though screenshots and testimonies from those present corroborate that the Rae Sremmurd rapper did attack his girlfriend, his mother is leaping to his defense. Mam Sremm hit the 'Gram with a message about her son without necessarily naming him. "I don't know who needs to hear this... men have the right to defend themselves from these toxic women," she wrote.

"Some of you have life twisted with no ambition. Trying to take what someone has worked hard for by trying to get pregnant, lying, and stealing is not a career path," she continued in the caption.

The altercation occurred two months ago when Kee was reportedly four-months pregnant. Jxmmi has since paid to get Kee veneers in order to replace the missing tooth he allegedly knocked out.  Kee also decided to not go to the police out of fear that CPS would take their child after she gives birth.