TMZ obtained all the footage that is needed for a mallet drop decision; Slim Jxmmi looked every bit the part of a Wrestlemania participant when he climbed over the booth to attack a Disc Jockey in mid-performance. As the story goes: Jxmmi was in Jacksonville as part of the University of North Florida's booked entertainment for their annual OZFEST Spring concert.

Although it's kind of hard to make out how many of Jxmmi's punches are landing, it's hard not to give him the fighter's edge based on his lateral momentum. While the DJ doesn't outright to play the song, he does forget the order set by you guessed it: Slim Jxmmi. Would the Rae Sremmurd member swung on a DJ with a bigger profile over the same mistake... or was the DJ's beneath the demands of his profession. Only they know the answer to those day-old questions?

Before you even consider trying to make sense of Slim Jxmmi's behavior, consider this: After attacking the DJ, the twenty-something-year-old rapper dipped backstage to cool his jets. Jxmmi did about 15 minute's worth of sun salutations, before retaking the stage and finished his set like a true professional. The DJ stuck around 'til the very end too. All's well that ends well, right?