Fashion model Slick Woods is known as being Rihanna's muse as she is featured at the forefront of many of the singer's campaigns, especially for her fashion and beauty brand Fenty. It was in September 2018 when Woods was at the end of her pregnancy when she was modeling in one of Rihanna's shows wearing what she describes as "pasties, thigh-highs, stilettos, and not much else," when the 22-year-old went into labor.

In a feature for Vogue, Woods writes an article about her surprise pregnancy, fashion show labor, and shares the love she has for her son. "I was nearly in my last trimester when I found out I was going to have a baby," Woods writes. "I’d always been told I would never be able to have a child naturally, and it was only when my agent told me I was looking kind of chubby in my bikini at Coachella that I visited my doctor."

"A few appointments later, a nurse was doing a sonogram," she continued. "There he was: my son. I started crying tears of joy. I had life in me, and felt like I understood the true power of my body for the first time. If I could bring another human being into this world, nothing was out of reach."

Woods also said that there was one memory she will never let go of, and it's the last thing she could recount before being rushed to the hospital to deliver her baby boy. "My last memory before going into the hospital is of Rihanna spanking me with a whip. I was already 2cm dilated when I left the show, and I was in labor for another 18 hours."

Woods also writes that she had Erykah Badu on FaceTime, no doubt as a friendly face and also as a doula, while the father of her child and her agent were in the delivery room. "Every day since, my son has healed me, invigorated me - and helped me come to terms with my past," Woods says. "I never had a normal family. Now I’ve created my own. Who knew you could miss someone your whole damn life without ever having met them?"