Top model Slick Woods may be facing the hardest battle of her life, but she somehow is able to keep a smile on her face. The 23-year-old mother revealed back in November 2019 that she was undergoing chemotherapy treatments after being diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma Cancer. Just a week ago, Slick shared a video of herself in a wheelchair as she revealed in a caption that she didn't have feeling in certain parts of her body.

"Legs numb left hand still numb I hate this bullsh*t and the London gave me a wheelchair," she wrote. Her friends, family, and fans have shown an outpouring of support throughout social media as prayers, love, and well-wishes have been sent Slick Woods's way. On Tuesday, she uploaded a video of herself in a hospital bed sporting a wide grin as she attempted to give two thumbs up.

"Now that I’m feeling a million times better and walking again thanks @cheyalli for saving my life during an unexpected seizure in the middle of the night," she wrote in the caption of her clip. "Man there’s so many people going through way worse #staygoofy." Keep those prayers rolling in for Slick during her treatments and recovery!