Slick Rick is one of the kings of marketing a look. Younger fans may not recognize his music but they sure as hell know what he looks like. In a landscape where you need to have a "look" in order to get booked, Slick Rick is the true OG. Before colorful dreads and face tattoos, Slick Rick was rocking his eye patch for us all to mimic on Halloween. The Ruler has an insane collection of jewelry as we all know. He's rocked floor-length chains, diamond-encrusted eye patches, and more. He's left us all in awe of the drip he possesses and he decided to show it all off for GQ in a new video. 

In the past, Quavo and others have shown off their collections for the GQ series and it's about time that the real OG stepped up. Slick Rick was in the building as he flaunted his material possessions on camera. In the video, he goes back a few decades to show off his older pieces, fast forwarding to the present day where he's still copping diamonds in excess amounts. He's been known to buy the biggest piece at the store he's in, preferring to walk away with heavy weight around his neck. Slick Rick flaunted his Gucci-link chains, magnificent medallions and expensive watches.

The Ruler has always known that jewelry would be a big thing today so he got a headstart on all of us. Watch the video below.