Now that 2015 is underway, we have plenty of good music to look forward too, when it comes to both mixtapes (just peep our Upcoming section) and albums. Even in this one-listen-then-on-to-the-next generation, it's still appropriate to bump music that dropped last year, right? Especially because some projects didn't get as much as love as the quality of said projects deserve. By now you've probably seen, commented, debated (and possibly disliked) our Hottest Mixtapes of 2014 list-- by definition, the 'hottest' mixtapes are projects that had a ton of downloads, hype, clicks, fans, and yes, the music and the artist was also hot. But what about mixtapes that had hot jams, but just didn't get any plays? We're digging those ones up today for some of the most slept-on projects of 2014. Slept-on, but dope. Same could be said for any of the artists on this list, actually.

Re-visit these mixtapes or download them for the first time, either way, they're free and worthy of a listen. Let us know your favorites. Keep in mind this list is in absolutely no particular order.