Someone in Los Angeles paid for a sky-written message to be used as a marriage proposal that ended with a strange roast of podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan

"ONE MORE THING ... JOE ROGAN IS LITERALLY 5 FOOT 3," the message reportedly concluded.

Social media users from the Los Angeles area posted pictures of the message and claim that previous statements focused on a marriage proposal. "I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING" and "UNTIL DEATH DO US PART" they reportedly read.

"Someone just spent thousands of dollars to write 'Joe Rogan is literally 5 foot 3' in the skies of Los Angeles and honestly money well spent," one user tweeted.

Another said, "I aspire to this level wealth & utter pettiness," and theorized that, "Apparently it was part of marriage proposal so they maybe offered dude a flat fee for a certain amount of characters?" 

Joe Rogan, Height
Dylan Buell / Getty Images

Rogan isn't actually listed at 5'3", in fact, he is reportedly 5'7".

The host of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has come under fire in recent weeks for his comments on the COVID-19 vaccine, which he later walked back.

"I am not an anti-vaxx person. In fact, I said I believe they are safe and I encourage many people to take them," Rogan explained. "I'm not a doctor. I am a f***ing moron. And, I'm a cage-fighting commentator who's a dirty standup comedian ... I'm not a respected source of information even for me. But, I at least try to be honest about what I am saying."