Two things you should never count on in life are forum users and Wu-Tang affiliates, both of which were involved in a recent report that Skrillex had purchased the Wu-Tang Clan's Once Upon A Time In Shaolin for $5 Million. This of course created a scenario with two unreliable narrators, and if you've seen Gone Girl, you know that never goes well.

Wu-Tang producer Cilvaringz created a frenzy when he replied to a forum user's theory that Skrillex had bought the album -- of which only one copy has been made -- with a simple "yup". Turns out, the EDM star had also recently featured the Wu "artifact" in a music video (which is probably what inspired the initial rumor), appearing to support the claim.

Not long after the forum interaction got some traction, Skrillex swooped in to clear things up, indicating that RZA had simply let him borrow the copy for use in his video, and he hadn't actually shelled out any money for it. 

Cilvaringz has also come forward to clear the air on his statement, indicating that he was "merely joking with forum members [he's] been talking to for years.”

So there you have it, the Wu-Tang Clan album is still up for grabs. A cheaper alternative can be found in stores this week with the group's retail release, A Better Tomorrow.