Skip Bayless is easily one of the most polarizing sports television personalities out there and for good reason. He is always offering up some hot takes that sports fans take offense to, especially when it comes to the likes of LeBron James. Bayless is also a big homer when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, who he obsesses over every single Sunday. In fact, Bayless embarrassed himself on Twitter just a few weeks ago after posting some bizarre dance moves after a Cowboys win.

Surprisingly, Bayless didn't learn his lesson the second time around as yesterday, he posted the same type of video after the Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles. In the clip below, Bayless can be seen swaying back and forth in a rigid matter that will certainly make any sports fan cringe.

As one can expect after a video like this, Bayless was inundated with remarks detailing just how bad his dancing is. There were some pretty hilarious memes underneath his post although it's clear Bayless doesn't even care. At this point, he knows exactly what he's doing and he loves the attention.

If the Cowboys end up beating the New York Giants next week, we're sure Bayless will post yet another celebratory video with an extra dose of cringe.