Regardless of how you feel about Skip Bayless as a sports analyst, there is no denying the man is a legend for what he has done for the genre. There weren't many sports debate shows before Skip came along and once he teamed up with Stephen A. Smith for First Take, his profile rose significantly. Now, Bayless works for FS1 and debates NFL Hall-Of-Famer Shannon Sharpe on the show Undisputed.

While Sharpe continues to be one of the sharpest dressed men in the entire business, Skip has proven himself to be quite capable of putting an outfit together. The man loves to take to Instagram with his Jordan collection, even if some of the models he wears are suspect at best. Not to mention, Skip seems to love his all-black suits with a gold chain around his neck. This has prompted people on the internet to call him "Drip Bayless" and on Undisputed today, Skip finally acknowledged the almighty Drip.

As soon as the clip made it's way to the internet, fans began to laugh in unison at Skip's boldness. It's clear the Undisputed host has been paying attention to his fans on Twitter and the people appreciated it. After all, Skip is the drip king of FS1 and in order to truly be the king, you have to embrace your status as one first.

Can't wait to see what other obscure Team Jordan models he pulls out next.