Last night, the Dallas Cowboys had an opportunity to win the NFC East division, once and for all. Of course, they did the exact opposite. The team lost to the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 17-9 and now, they need the Eagles to lose next week all while winning their game. There will be a whole lot of praying within the Cowboys fanbase next weekend and it's not guaranteed to end well for them.

One of the Cowboys' biggest fans is none other than Skip Bayless who is a huge star in the sports talk television world. He has been a staunch defender of the Cowboys this season but after last night's performance, he couldn't stomach the team anymore. In a fit of rage, Bayless took to Twitter where he threw his Ezekiel Elliott jersey in the trash. A Cowboys baseball cap was also subject to some desecration.

Skip will surely get an earful from Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed today. Sharpe has been cooking up some hot Ls and will be eager to serve some to Skip as soon as the show starts. The Cowboys' playoff hopes aren't looking too good right now and they're going to need a bit of a miracle to pull it off.

Either way, we just hope Bayless is doing okay and doesn't make any more erratic decisions concerning his Cowboys.