Skip Bayless is easily a top 10 hater in sports broadcasting. His biggest target is none other than LeBron James who is currently on the Los Angeles Lakers. Bayless has slandered James' name at every opportunity and it has become a frequent pattern on FS1's Undisputed. If you have ever seen that meme of Big Fendi at the funeral on Instagram, you would know that perfectly encapsulates LeBron and Skip's relationship, although it is fairly one-sided considering LeBron has never really acknowledged Skip.

Today, Bayless was particularly over the fact that LeBron wanted to do something special for his fans in the form of a breakdown of his greatest moments. We reported on LeBron's idea yesterday and at the time, it was a harmless piece of fan service. To be fair, it still is. However, Bayless decided to turn it into some malicious attempt at narcissism.

"LeBron this is beneath you...This reeks of somebody that has to keep reminding us of how great he has been, so maybe we forget the many moments he wasn't great," Bayless said.

Of course, the fans in Bayless' comments couldn't believe the point he was trying to make here. At the end of the day, LeBron is just trying to keep the fans entertained.

Perhaps if LeBron and the Lakers get back on the court this season and win the championship, it will make Skip have some decency towards one of the best players ever.