In life, they say there are only two things that are guaranteed: death and taxes. However, philosophers failed to consider a third certainty. Of course, that certainty is Skip Bayless hating on LeBron James no matter what the occasion is. Whether he is appearing in Space Jam: A New Legacy, getting injured, or winning championships, you can be sure that Bayless is going to say something out of pocket about one of basketball's greatest superstars.

With Team USA's men's Olympic basketball team beginning their Tokyo journey today, Bayless has been on high alert as he looks to slander LeBron in any way possible. One of LeBron's biggest rivals is Kevin Durant, and with KD ready to lead this American team to another gold, Bayless saw the perfect opportunity to make a comment. 

Kevin Durant

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

As Bayless explains, KD's fake Twitter drama with Bam Adebayo was a sign that he is ready to have an incredible Olympic tournament and that he is akin to Michael Jordan. From there, Bayless took his swipe as he said this is something LeBron would never do.

"Sounds to me like KD is ready to show (again) he’s the best player in the world and lead Team USA to gold. Once again he has created some weird petty beef (with Bam) to motivate himself. This is Jordanesque. Who needs LeBron when we have KD?" Bayless wrote.

Overall, this whole thing is pretty silly and it speaks to what Bayless' persona has become. At the end of the day, he plays the heel role well and his LeBron slander is something that will serve him well all the way to retirement.