Lil Wayne has not only appeared on Skip's show over the past few years but he's also provided the intro music for Skip's Undisputed show on ESPN. Their relationship goes deeper than just television, though. They also have a pretty close friendship off the air as well. 

On a recent episode of Hot Ones, Skip and Shannon Sharpe answered a few questions including a revealing text message exchange between Skip and Lil Wayne. Skip said that he was texting Wayne during his inaugural, and likely final, visit to Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago. 

"Two nights ago, he had returned from doing his first and only gig in Saudi Arabia, and it was over the Thanksgiving holiday. And we must’ve texted 20 times back and forth about what Saudi Arabia was really like. He said this guy named 'Your Excellency 'had come to his hotel suite and promised to send him either a Ferrari or Lamborghini. And he said, ‘Which would you like, Wayne?’ and Wayne said, ‘I’ll take a Lambo.’ And the guy said, ‘The Lamborghini will be at your doorstep at Miami in three weeks,'" Skip recalled.

Weezy, being the nice guy that he is, followed up with Skip the following day, his 68th birthday, and offered to let Skip drive around in the Lambo during Super Bowl weekend.