Last night, LeBron James was able to catapult the Los Angeles Lakers into the playoffs thanks to a last-minute three-point shot that gave his team a 103-100 lead. This turned out to be the final score and all of Twitter was praising LeBron for his clutch play. While most of the discourse surrounding LeBron was positive, there was one man who was waiting to give off an ill-advised hot take. Of course, that man was Skip Bayless, who claimed LeBron's shot was anything but clutch.

"Lucky desperate three by LeBron with the pressure off at the end of the shot clock," Bayless tweeted. "He's at his best when there's no drive-or-launch decision. He can just heave and hope. If he misses, no expectation, no fault. It's an "impossible" shot. Besides, he "was seeing three rims.""

Today, Bayless continued to downplay LeBron's greatness as he went on "Undisputed" and said "I'll give you 'big shot' from LeBron, but I won't even remotely give you clutch shot. How clutch was it? I give it a 1."

Shannon Sharpe was on Skip's case all morning in regards to this take although, in pure Skip fashion, he refused to back down. He has always had it out for LeBron and this latest take was certainly no exception. Not to mention, Skip was trending on Twitter again, which is exactly what he wants.

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Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images