Lil Wayne was a guest on Friday’s episode of Undisputed where he sat down with Shannon Sharp & Skip Bayless to talk about a bevy of things, including the Lakers, LeBron James, and the Patriots matchup this weekend with the Cowboys to name a few. However after his sit down, the greatest rapper alive and the Fox Sports host decided to show off their iced-out bling together in a hilarious photo.

If you’re unaware, Wayne bought Skip this $50,000 diamond chain that reads “Skip” on it back in August, and of course it was only fitting Skip Drip Bayless rocked it today in Wayne’s honor. “Lil Wayne and I after he stole the show on today’s Undisputed. I am proudly displaying the drip he gave me. Thank you, brother. #DripBayless” he wrote as the caption.

In the video, Wayne says the Lakers are better equipped for playoffs than the Clippers, and that Lebron was getting ready for this season all off season while Kawhi was playing in the Finals. Check out all that & more in Weezy’s entertaining sit down chat (below).