The Slump God has emerged from the swamp with a newfound mission. Though Ski Mask's landing has been somewhat rocky, his raw talent has never been disputed. In truth, many have expressed disappointment with his album Beware The Book Of Eli not because it was bad, but rather, because he failed to live up to his "Catch Me Outside" potential. Yet recent snippets have sounded extremely promising, suggesting that the Slump God has grown weary of the doubters, and doubled down to deliver his upcoming message. 

Now, Ski Mask has revealed a deeper look into his greater course of action, which looks to include a new music video. Though he's only shared a few screencaps, it's enough to discern that a transformation will take place. Potentially of the vampiric, and/or demonic variety. A red-eyed, blood-spattered Slump God seems conjured from a nightmare, and should be particularly dope to witness in action. If the clip is indeed for the aforementioned snippet, perhaps Stokeley will be rounding out 2018 with some well-deserved momentum.

Keep an eye out for that "La La" video, coming soon.