Ski Mask The Slump God is fond of posting snippets on his IG (check out this one from July). Today's snippet comes in the form of his classic snappy flow over a ukelele, of all things. Of all rappers, ski probably has the voice that sounds the least like a ukelele, so seeing him paired up with one is a real treat. Especially considering he shows up with the lyrics. 

Some of his lyrics in this are going to be big-time quotables and will most definitely make it into a real song in the near future, maybe on his upcoming album. There's the opening line: "common sense is a compromise/when everybody around talking nice/that is a yes-man, recognize/I am appalled by the battles I fight." There's also the all time dope: "I shake shake like a lime in a coconut/Smoke a dark green with my bitch, she a *unintelligible,*" all while holding a lit cigarette in one hand and a custom Ski Mask teddy bear in the other.

The guy beside him playing the ukelele also recently appeared on the Fredo Bang's "Oouuh (Bangman Challenge)" Check him out at the beginning of the video: