Florida's Ski Mask The Slump God is poised for an important run in 2018, and the dexterous lyricist stands to solidify himself as a lasting up-and-comer. While he's already amassed a cult following with mixtapes like You Will Regret and various SoundCloud loosies, The Slump God's upcoming Beware The Book Of Eli is set to really put the Broward County rapper on the map. With appearances from Busta Rhymes, Lil Yachty, Offset, Timbaland, Diplo, and Mannie FreshThe Book Of Eli looks to be an impressive blend of both older and newer generations. Check out the tracklist by hitting the link below, although remember, it's been a minute since that was posted; changes might have since been made.

This morning, The Slump God has revealed yet another aspect of his creative vision - the project's artwork. While rapper's depicting themselves as cartoons is nothing new, Ski Mask's artwork stands out with its hallucinogenic take on The Little Golden Books children's series. Throw in a grotesque, fantastical depiction of the rapper, and you've got a pretty memorable result. You can check out the artwork below, courtesy of The Slump God's Instagram. 

The project has yet to receive a release date, but expect it soon. Unfortunately for the day one Slump God fans, it seems as if a Members Only reunion between XXXTentacion and Ski won't be happening anytime soon, as the pair continue to distance themselves from one another.