Ski Mask The Slump God has a mixtape coming in a "couple days," according to a new Instagram post. The rapper previously announced a mixtape titled Beware Of The Book Of Eli, which was envisioned as a compilation of freestyles over older beats, as he told XXL in April. He also spoke of a "surprise mixtape" with a "love producer," assumed to be Timbaland, who he has been working with recently. It is unclear if these projects are now one in the same. 

One thing's for sure, Slump God has been regularly teasing new material on Instagram. You can listen to some clips below.

The rapper is expected to release an official debut album as well, so it's impossible to know what will land where. If he delivers on his recent promise, fans will be getting new music in a matter of days, which is the important part.

Ski Mask released his You Will Regret mixtape in June. You can listen to that project here. He released "Flo Rida," a collaboration with Higher Brothers, last month.