In the nascent stages of his breakout status circa 2016/2017, XXXTENTACION was notably making headlines for getting into it with this little artist from up North who goes by the name of Drake.

At the time, X, whose own trolling ways at the time draw sturdy comparisons to the antics displayed by 6IX9INE on the daily, accused the superstar of biting his flows and went so far to assert himself as Drake’s stepfather.

With the 20-year old rapper’s shooting death, that chapter was left unfinished, leaving those cognizant of Drizzy’s habit of bringing much shine to those of the younger generation wondering just what could have been.

In a new post on Instagram, frequent X collaborator and close friend Ski Mask The Slump God provided some closure on the subject as he posted up with Drake in a new flick, letting followers know that they two men linked up and naturally, XXXTentacion was the common denominator.

“Positivity Is What He Wanted,” wrote Ski under a now-deleted black and white photo of the two together. “We Chopped It Up , He Actually Liked Jahseh Music A lot To Come To Light Soon.”

While the brief caption didn't offer much details on just what is “coming soon” as it related to the conversation Ski Mask and Drake had, the revelation that Drake liked and appreciated the troubled rapper’s music might come as no surprise.

Despite all the controversy attached to his name, XXXTENTACION proved to defy all odds throughout his short-lived career, particularly earning critical acclaim for his final 17 and ? albums. From what we can tell, Drake isn’t one to hate on promising talents, but the drama was clearly enough to keep him away. Nonethelss, it’s a reassuring sight to see that he found his way to Ski in light of recent events.