Ski Mask The Slump God is at a crossroads. He doesn't exactly have something to prove, as he's already earned a position as one of the game's most exciting young voices. Yet there are many who feel like he has yet to reach his final form, citing the inconsistencies of Beware The Book Of Eli as a respectable yet underdeveloped starting point. In any case, Ski himself seems poised to re-up before year's end; the Floridian previously teased "album mode" a while back, leading many to hope for a more focused, and dare I say mature variation of The Slump God.

As it happens, we now have somewhat of a release window for that new Ski Mask. In keeping with his affinity for horror, Ski has chosen October to be his month of choice. The rapper took to Twitter to announce the impending arrival of sixteen songs, though he neglected to specify whether they would be arriving as part of one cohesive package. Either way, with drops from fellow freshman JID rumoured to occur around the same time. 

What say ya'll? Are you ready for that new Slump God? It stands to reason that the best is yet to come. Let us see what madness the man has conjured.