Ski Mask the Slump God is a buzzing rapper that just can't seem to hit his release dates. Fans have been waiting for his long-overdue, upcoming mixtape, Beware the Book of Eli, for a while now (the last release window we had for the tape was back in the first week of April), but every time we think we're getting closer to hearing new Ski Mask music we're left with nothing. 

Ski does seem a bit remorseful about the delay, citing sample clearance issues as one of the main obstacles standing in the way, in addition to some reported health issues he's been dealing with. That being said, he's been releasing music in order to appease his fans. Last week he hit us with the excellent, Boy Meets World-sampling "SKIMeetsWorld," and now he's back with a short preview of another new track.

Ski posted a video to his Instagram yesterday, with audio of Ski rapping as fast as ever over a thumping, piano heavy instrumental. According to the video, the track will be called "He Diddy."

In the caption for the post, Ski writes, "The Tape Is Coming Sooner The You Expect I’ll Give You This Till Then Want A Feature On It Or Na ?" 'Sooner than expect' could mean anything in Ski Mask time, but it seems he's stopped trying to give a hard release date for the tape. 

You can check out the sneak preview down below. Does this song slap, and who would you have feature on it?