It started on a promising note. All Ski Mask The Slump God wanted to do was cruise down a desolate road, listening to his breakout hit "Catch Me Outside" in peace. Sadly, such a fate was not in the cards. The young rapper soon found himself run off the road a la Jeepers Creepers, only to wake up in a truly hellish landscape. It would appear that Cole Bennett and Ski have united for some "La La" visuals, and seem eager to conjure up some nightmarish visuals to accompany Ronny J's equally eerie production. 

The clip itself seems loaded with horror imagery, as Ski seems stranded outside an imposing house, likely filled with all manner of miscreants of the "hick" variety. Of course, the young rapper has his own inner demons to contend with. Blood pools in his eyes and mouth alike, giving him the air of a truly deranged vampire. From lovable young adventurer to a straight up monstrosity in mere minutes.

Be sure to check out the preview below; Stokeley is certainly a solid effort from Ski Mask, and seeing his vision expanded with a haunting video speaks to the scope of his creativity. While we have yet to land a date, Ski seems particularly excited about something that pops off at the end of "La La." Looks like we'll have to wait and see.