Last night, Ski Mask The Slump God delivered his second album of the year in Stokeley, which many immediately deemed a step in the right direction; that's not to say BeWaRe ThE BoOk Of ElI was an utter miss, but a botched rollout and lack of cohesion left fans still waiting for Ski's full potential to be unleashed. While it's still too early to conclude whether Stokeley is the album Ski aficionados have been waiting for, early signs are certainly promising. Ski himself seems far more confident about standing behind this one, and took to Instagram to pen a powerful homage to the friend who helped bring him to this point.

"You Will Never Understand The Times Me And X Slept In Cars And Outside Together In The Cold And Finding Comfort That Everyone Judged Us Until We Became Artists," writes Ski, evoking memories of simpler times. He also takes a moment to extend some love to X's mother, Cleopatra, before taking solace in the fact that X's presence can still be felt as a guiding force. "I Remember I Love You @cleo_ohsojazzy Whats Understand Doesn’t Need To Explain, I Love You I Know Your Here Everyday Watching Over Me The Most And I Won’t Let Us Down."

Be sure to support the Slump God, one of the new generation's most dynamic lyricists. Peep Stokeley right here.